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E.I. Knight/Eva_Evangeline
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United States
Evangeline Integra Knight
@ Eva_Evangeline…
dA ID made by: SweetLittleVampire

"The hottest love has the coldest end."
I'm an Independent Consultant for Perfectly Posh, work at my family's eBay store, and working on my career as an author. I already have a short novel finished [in my journal]. (( I'd love to have this one day:… ))
Find me here:

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No Game No Life... I //LOVE\\ this anime so far! If you haven't seen it I recommend you do. You can probably find a favorite character/characters ^^ Mine is Sora and Shiro <<:
(FYI: The character is a girl so you don't get confused)

I'm on my way to the Switzerlands just to enjoy the silence and nature you can't find in the city. Finding a good flight was the hard part but I made it. After standing and looking around I  finally find a cab, put my luggage beside me, and show the driver where to go. The journey was quiet. I wanted to talk to the driver but he either didn't reply or he said little.

Instead I turned my attention to the beautiful mountains and green lands that was passing by. I was so lost in it all that I didn't know that we were already at the nearest place for me to stay. It was a nice looking cottage. The sign said that it was a bed and breakfast.

The cottage looks like it rarely had any customers or got any business at all. The wood looks old. It'd been around 50 years, maybe? I couldn't tell.

I got my luggage out and I watched the cab drive out of sight. Somehow I felt a little desperation flood through me, like I didn't want the car to leave. I brushed it off as being nervous and start toward the door.

Inside I saw a small reception desk with keys hanging on the back wall. Sitting behind the desk I see an old man. He had only a little bit of white silver hair on the top of his head. His short beard was the same color, too.

The man looked to be in his 60s or 70s. He was reading something. He then looked up at me. He must've heard me come in. The old man see my bags and the book in my hand.

"Ah, a tourist?" he asked, his voice heavily accented with the Swedish tongue.

"Y-yes, sir." I replied.

He looks at the book in my hand still as I come up to the desk to check in. There was no computer, just a notebook and pen. He told me just to write my name, check in time, and when I'd be leaving. As I sat the book down to write the information needed in the page, the old man turned it to him and read the title.

"Did you read the story about the Nokken?"

"No, I haven't yet."

"Well, I'd read those stories if I were you. Those who didn't read them had never come back." He said this in a cautious tone, clearly warning me. I took it to heart anyway, and decided to read them tonight. The old man continued. "Out in the forest behind the cottage is a lily pad garden that belongs to the Nokken. Don't go in there." This all started to sound so suspicious, like in those old Scooby Doo cartoons.

I was signed in and he handed me a key to a room. I thanked him and make my way to my room. I walk pass the room that must belong to the old man and pass other rooms. By the looks of them there must not be anyone else here besides me. There wasn't a sign of anyone around.

'Must be lonely for the old man.' I thought sympathetically.

At the end of the short hallway I stopped at my room. The number on the door and the key matched so I assumed that this was my room. I slid the key into the keyhole, gave it a turn, and the door was unlocked. Inside the room was a bed with a headboard and white covers. In the other corner was a vanity dresser. I see a window in the middle wall between the bed and the dresser. It looked out to the forest, which I assumed that this room was at the back of the cottage.

The curious part of me ignited when I saw the green forest of never ending tress. I couldn't help it. I was attracted to nature. "I wonder what's in there?" I wondered out loud. I sat my luggage on the bed and then opened it to find my brush and a sundress to wear. Closing the curtains for a minute and stripped out of my traveling clothes and put on my sunny colored dress and white flats to match. I go to the vanity dresser and start brushing my wind blown hair. Once it was straight and neat I walked out the room with my key in my hand.

I knew I'd get into trouble going to that forest, so I slowly walked and looked around to find the old man. I didn't see him anywhere. But still I kept a cautious watch to be on the lookout for him. Outside was still sunny and beautiful. I walked toward the back of the cottage to the woods. When I got there a few minutes later, the entrance inside was something like a fairy tale. There was a gateway, or a pathway, made out of the barks of the trees. I was entranced by it so I entered.

The inside was what I'd expect. The trees overlapped each other, the sunlight streaming through looking like a sparkling shards of light on the forest floor. The rustling of leaves and the sounds of wild life surrounded me. I heard birds chirping their songs. I felt so at peace. I made me want to take a nap here.

Suddenly I heard music. It sounded like a violin. The wordless melody hypnotized me. I followed the sound, and it led me to a lake. The lake was average size and had lily pads floating on the surface. Above was a hole made by the tops of the trees, letting in a spot light of sunshine. It all looked like the set of a Swan Lake play. In the shadows, from across the lake, I saw a figure sitting underneath a tree. The music came from that direction. I started walking around the bank to try to get to that side.

I finally saw the figure. It was a naked man playing a violin. He had the sculpted body of a god and long dark hair to match. His hair was plastered to his body like he had just went for a swim. I wasn't dreaming this, was I? "Excuse me," I said. He must've known I was there because he stood and then disappeared into the lake. "Wait! I just-" He was gone. No need to try to talk to someone not there.

Who was he? He didn't seem human. I mean, he looked like a human, yet not. Could he have been a Nokken that the old man warned me about? I didn't know at the moment what to think but I had to get out of here. I rushed back to the cottage. I had to do some research.

I entered the door and saw the old man sitting there at his desk. My heart dropped to my stomach. I waited for the scolding that I was going to get for not listening to him. I tried not to look guilty, though. "Where did you run off to?" the old man asked me. I replied,"I just... wanted to see more of the land. But not going out the back like you told me to." I was never a good liar, so i waited.

"Oh, I see. It's going to get dark soon. Don't wander off tonight, or who knows what might snatch you and carry you away." He chuckled. "I made some dinner. Would you care to join me?"

"Yes. Thank you very much."

The old man smiled and went through a door behind the desk. That must be the kitchen or something. I quickly went to my room and freshened up a bit before dinner was served. The meal was so delicious. I could tell he cooked for a long time. He told me that he and his wife used to cook all the time and he kept at it since she died sometime ago. I felt sorry for him living here alone. I also didn't want to bring up any touchy subjects so I savored the meal. The moon was up and sleep didn't come to me.

I just couldn't sleep. So I opened my book to the fairy tale section and read about Nokkens. They were male water spirits who lured women and children to their death by enchanting them with his violin and drowning them into the water. And it didn't specify when they'll do it, so they could lure their victims whenever they wanted. If that was a Nokken I saw then I'm in deep trouble. I looked out the window to the see the moon high above the forest where that water demon lived. I don't know when I closed my eyes but I was in a trance. Nothingness. It was a void with nothing but black.

I heard the violin playing and opened my eyes to find myself at the edge of the lake. I was so scared that my heart beat hard in my chest. 'How did I get here?' I kept saying over and over. I had only just now heard the violin. How did I get here so fast?

I heard the water gurgle. Air bubbles bubbled the surface. I froze, waiting to see what would come from below, though I knew what it could've been. The upper torso of a man emerged. He was gorgeous, like a god of mythology. He was that man I saw earlier. In the back of my mind I was afraid, but that couldn't stop me from reaching out my hand toward him, to touch his face. He dropped back down into the water. I leaned down toward the water, on the bank and on my knees. Below the surface I saw him but what I saw next scared me to death. I saw yellow glowing eyes and a mouth of sharp teeth. No longer did he look like a human but a monster face on a man's body.

I screamed and jumped away, falling on my butt. He resurfaced, staring at me with those eyes. "Hello. Don't you recognize me?" he said in a Swedish and demonic voice. I was confused at his question. He then shape shifted into the old man from the cottage!

"You! You're-!"

I was in shock. I couldn't believe that he was the Nokken. Dread filled my stomach like lead. Next thing I knew I was being dragged by my foot into the water. I clawed and dug at the green grassy ground to keep him from pulling me in. I struggled and panted to get away. Tears formed in my eyes as I thought that I was being pulled to my death. Closer and closer I was pulled to him. I could feel the water on my toes. I kicked in hopes that he would let me go. That failed. He dragged me in faster. My legs was enveloped by the water, then my waist, torso, then my head. I took a quick breath before I was fully submerged.

My tears mingled with the water as I let my fear show. My lungs ached to breath. The water was murky so I couldn't see anything. The last thing I remember was the dark cold water, those yellow luminous eyes with the teeth of a predator.
The Nokken
I tried to write this story last year and scraped it. I got the spare time to finish it <<:
Please don't take this story so seriously. I was writing this for fun. I also wanted to mix my creativity, imagination, and research together.
This was going to be a Halloween story last year but I'll go ahead and submit it early for this years Halloween! Don't know when my last day to be active here is....
Hope ya like it!

Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

sorry if the category is wrong
info about the Nokken here:…

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